Andrea & Patrick Adopt



12 years married. 18 years together.

Hi! We’re Andrea and Patrick—a loving and fun-loving couple living in the New York City area. We met at our middle school bus stop in 1996, started dating in high school, and have been going strong ever since. We are so excited to expand our family through adoption.

Andrea studied global health and international relations in college, and then went to graduate school for public health. Now, she works in philanthropy building programs to improve health care in the United States. Patrick studied government in college and currently works in finance.

We come from two large, loving, and supportive immigrant families. Together, we are a blend of South Florida, New Jersey, Haitian, French Canadian, and Irish/Polish cultures.




We’ve built a life together that is comfortable but that always keeps us on our toes. We spend a lot of our time with friends and family, hiking, experiencing the outdoors, and learning new things (Patrick even recently took up astronomy and stargazing). We also love cozying up by the TV or with a good book. And we have so much fun during karaoke or board game/trivia nights!

We are very active in our neighborhood and community. A big part of our lives is helping to create a connective and supportive community wherever we are.

We also really love to travel—from weekend drives to adventures abroad. We love it because we value the opportunity to learn about and experience new cultures and deepen our connection with the world around us. We hope to bring this same experience to our growing family.

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We are adopting because we’ve always wanted to raise a family together. Infertility has prevented us from conceiving on our own, but it hasn’t changed the way we’ll love the child that comes into our home.

We can’t imagine the difficulty of the decisions you are making. But if we do take this adoption journey together, our commitment to you is that we’ll have a relationship of respect, empathy, and love. And above all, we commit to providing your child a secure future filled with laughter, love, and joy.

We can’t wait to be parents, and we can’t wait to meet you!




If you think we might be your match, please get in touch. We very much look forward to talking and getting to know each other.

We can be reached by phone or text at: 1-833-PANDREA (726-3732).

We can be reached via email at:

As we embark on this process, we are working with an attorney named Denise Seidelman.